Cost of Advertising Taking It's Toll?

Remarket To Interested Prospects for a Fraction of Traditional Pay Per Click

(Social, Adwords, & Email)

Industry studies report that it takes 3-7 exposures of a offer for prospects to trust a business enough to commit money towards making a purchase. With remarketing those exposures cost alot less than traditional PPC. Savvy marketers mark over again through email, social, and ad networks.

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The Power of Remarketing

Every business owner knows by now how frustrating it can be asking for reviews and part of their problem is the feeling of little success. It literally reeks of desperation when they are asking clientele because its not systematized and doesn’t flow naturally, and just feels uncomfortable. Some have even feel so uncomfortable with it and plaster it on their business card, postcards, and office walls just to avoid the ask. All of this, doesn’t seem personal at all and quite frankly separates the human element out of the equation.

What if, however, there was a better way, that actually worked, leverage human psychology, and didn’t feel like such an unnatural process?

Our Triple-Threat Remarketing Strategy

Industry stats report that it takes 3-7 touchpoints generally before a new prospect feels comfortable enough to do business with a brand that is new to them. This repetition also aids in the retention of said brand in the prospects mind. And its this recall also helps prevent them from repeated clicking on your brand using generic search terms and rather recall your brand name to click on natural search instead. This, of course is the sweet spot as at this point they are better positioned to become an advocate for your brand later on after using one of your offerings. With that said, you’ll want to be visible in multiple areas:

  • Email: Engage previous visitors with personalized email campaigns
  • Social Media: Target ads to users who visited your site on platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Adwords: Reconnect with visitors as they search on Google or browse websites within the Google Display Network

Maximize ROI with Strategic Remarketing

When you are trying to lower your cost of acquisition, memory recall is everything as is lower prices on clicks.

More than 97% take time in making purchasing decisions and don’t necessary set out to fix a issue and commit to getting a solution in the same day. They got tons of things going on and more distractions than ever before. This is why getting in front of them in multiple channels is paramount. If not just for recall of your brand but recall of the need that they need to solve. More importantly when you have your target list that you want to put ads in front of, it doesnt cost as much to get in front of them again and again.

  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Recall & Trust
  • Higher Conversion Rates

Repeated exposure bring recall, trust, and credibility and over traditional PPC your costs will be lower and your trust and recall will be higher and the lower click cost will cost you far less when combined with a compelling offer.

Ready to Increase Your Retention & Reduce Your Marketing Spend?

Let’s optimize your advertising strategy with proven remarketing solutions.

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