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John, I love THAT kick-ass Website! But...

You're Uncessarily Loosing Lots Of Sales Opportunity...

The slow loading speed of your website loading is causing people on 4G or 3G internet connections to bounce at a high rate and Google’s negatively impacting search rankings as a result. Google test prove it. And, just like you, {John}, Google wants to serve their customers better. The number one way to do that is to not frustrate people. That’s exactly what slow loading sites do.

Here's How:

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Your Home-Page's Insights

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Google takes 100+ points into consideration to arrive at it’s speed score. This score is has a big impacts on your site’s search ranking. 3 seconds is like the industry rule and expectation. After that, conversions hardly stand a chance.

Google & your govt want websites to be easily accessible to those people with disabilities. Google makes awareness easy for that reason. This score should be taken very seriously as non-compliance has led to many major lawsuits.

The SEO score is the basis for how well your SEO team done the SEO work portion of your site. Scores in the green are the minimum you should expect from an SEO company as its considered a starting point. Fixing this is not trivial.

Even If Your Site Isn't The Most Appealing, Negative Sentiments From Slow Speed Is Not How You Want To Be Remembered

Your site is scoring a {perf} out of 100 causing consumers to wait {interactive} seconds til it’s interactive. Everyone expects a 3 second or lower load time. Above that number, and many a clicked back to choose your competitor. Studies shown that going from 3 seconds to 10 seconds causes a 120% drop in conversions due to bounce and those that stay to buy something have lower order values than if the site was under the 3 second mark.


While your site works, it needs to work better for you. In fact, Google their search engine algorithym around more than 8 patents and a testing infrastructure made especially for website owners to improve their speeds.

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What Does Speed Optimization Consist Of?

Speed Optimization, the way we do it, is a service to speed up the loading of your website so that with every change to it, consumers no matter their location or network connection, will have a fast and pleasant loading experience.

Speed Optimization Includes:

  • Edge Network
  • Image Compression
  • Backend Tidying
  • Page Preloading
  • Code Compression
  • Lazy Loading

After setup, updates on made automatically on the fly for the most part.

I admire how Postwiser identifies key marketing opportunities and implements them intelligently in a systemic workflow

It’s evident that you’ve been edging up the competition while minimizing costs.
Wise indeed!. 

I seen that you that you were a friend of Barbaras at Whithouse and do quick opportunity report. 

John pelsang - developer, marketer, designer, and artist

While running an opportunity report for Barbara...

I Figured I'd Run A Report On Your Website As Well

With the way our system is dialed in,  it only took but a few minutes. I figured, why not, I’ll pay it forward for a friend of a friend.

900k+ case studies since 2009 show exactly that

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Citation: [1][2][3]

John, The Report Reveals Your....

Website Speed Is A Leading Bottleneck with Your Company's Website. Quite Possibly, 60% or More of Opportunity Loss

Considering that more average smartphone in use today is 2.5 yrs with much slower processors more than 50% us U.S. mobile users connect on 2G, 3G, and/or 4G towers and 80% of 1st impressions are made on mobile, the need for speed is, well, fundamental.

Real-world Speed Simulation

Your Website's Current Performance IMPACTS...

Values are estimated and may vary particulary to the recent current caching of latest test.

Now, I Promised You Case Studies, and a Promise is a Promise

Case Study 1: Amazon (2007)

Amazon experienced a 1% sales decline for every 100ms of page delay

Actions Taken IN 2013

Amazon study began in 2007 and concluded in 2013 significant performance increases.


And Here’s Another…

Case Study 2: Walmart (2012)

Showed that a 100ms improvement resulted in a 2% increase in conversions and 1% improvement in incremental revenue.

Actions Taken IN 2012

Amazon study began in 2007 and concluded in 2013 significant performance increases.


You are probably wondering about something more recent….

Case Study 3: Akamai (2017)

Revealed insignificant changes in page speed, either direction, have astounding impact on conversions

Actions Taken In 2017

Akamai’s study revealed consistentcy with the prior major studies


Here’s another from just 3 years ago…

Case Study 4: Deloitte (2020)

A 100ms mobile page load improvement led a 1% conversion rate improvement

Actions Taken IN 2020

Deloitee’s study too found consistency with the others


Similar conclusions throughout the studies, but ultimately...

“of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”

People Expect Results Immediately...

Google Data, Global, n=3,700 aggregated, anonymized Google Analytics data from a sample of million Web sites opted into sharing benchmark data, March 2016.

And also an improved experiences increases the revisits & sharing likehold…

of people say they’re more likely to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use.

People Expect Results Immediately...

Google/Heart+Mind Strategies, U.S., “Getting Things Done on Mobile,” n=1,847, A18+ smartphone users, Dec. 2017.

It's Conclusive....

Speed has a direct impact on user experience, bounce rateadvocacy, & overall sales.

Sites that loaded Sub 3s Got 36% More Advocacy

Google (Denmark) study shows further 36% Advocacy improvement when sites decreased load time from 13s to 3s while users with a bad experience shared negative sentiment 61% of the time.

Shared Bad Experiences

John, here’s the skinny…

Experiences impact the bottom line, for better or worse

As a web page load time go from.....

If they bounce, they won’t get informed, probably won’t come back, and obviously won’t discover the myriad of offerings. They might even share the negative experience.

Just Think Back A Moment & Consider…

How much more effective previous marketing efforts & expenses that could've been

They all might not have been gems. At least you have piece of mind knowing that the tests were not thrown off be page performance.

It's Conclusive....

Speed has a direct impact on user experience, sales, & advocacy.

Advocacy Improves

Google (Denmark) study shows further 36% Advocacy improvement when sites decreased load time from 13s to 3s

Shared Bad Experiences

Google (Denmark) study shows further 61% of people share bad experiences so you probably want to avoid that altogether

I Imagine You're Having Quite A Few Questions on The Top of Your Mind..

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John Pelsang

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Best video aspect ratios for Facebook:
fb aspect ratio

● 1:1 or 4:5 (Feed)

● 9:16 (Stories) Full portrait/Vertical

● 1:1 (Video Carousel)

● 16:9 (In streams, ads) -> Full landscape

● 9:16 (Audience Network)

● 2:3 (Vertical)

Best video aspect ratios for Instagram:

● 1:1 (Feed)

● 4:5 (Feed ads)

● 9:16 (Stories)

● 9:16 (Reels)

● 9:16 (ICTV)

Best video aspect ratios for Twitter:
twitter aspect ratio

● 1:1 (Promoted Videos)

● 1:1 or 9:16 (Sponsorship)

● 16:9 (Live Videos)

● 1:11 or 16:9 (Video Posts)

Best video aspect ratios for TikTok:
● 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9 (For ads)

● 9:16 (For organic videos)

John pelsang - developer, marketer, designer, and artist

A recent Google case study of 900k businesses like yours concludes, statistically, from your PageSpeed Insights Score of, 55’ish, that you are leaving lots of money on the table [1][2], not to mention the other 2 things I revealed.