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The introduction section provides an overview of the blog post topic, which focuses on using an ROI calculator to identify and fix deficits which can be fixed in little time at little cost. It highlights the benefits of using the calculator to improve profitability.

Benefits of using an ROI calculator

Using an ROI calculator provides businesses with factual data about web performance combined with sales averages and targeted traffic and the devices that visitors visit on. It helps to point out what might not be so obvious as well as technical enhancements that can be made to improve conversions from your business and website so that you can make easier decisions on what changes are important.

What is an ROI Calculator?

An ROI calculator is a tool used to determine the return on investment for a particular business venture. It calculates the profitability of an investment by comparing the gains against the costs involved.

How to Use the ROI Calculator

ROI, or Return on Investment, is a crucial metric used by businesses to measure the profitability of an investment. It calculates the financial gain or loss in relation to the cost of the investment, providing valuable insights into the success and effectiveness of business ventures. For example, in the calculator you might see that a largest paint of your website takes 7.5 seconds which happens to be 4.5 seconds longer than what Google suggests is a good and expected speed. What the studies also say is that 1 second difference on mobile can decrease conversions by up to 20% via customer bounce rate increases, decreases in advocacy, and decreases in dwell time of the average visitor. A 2021 study showed that over 50% of mobile traffic still connects on 3g and 4g connections and this is very problematic for speed of the majority of today’s websites. This RIO tool helps point out the areas that could be changed to help increase performance, profits, average order value.

Generating results and analysis

After inputting the relevant data into the ROI calculator, it will generate results that show the financial gain or loss of an investment. These results can be analyzed to assess the profitability and effectiveness of different business ventures.

Identifying Deficits

Identifying deficits entails analyzing the results of the ROI calculator to pinpoint areas of underperformance and opportunities for improvement. The analysis focuses on assessing the impact of deficits on profitability.

Understanding the results of the ROI calculator

Understanding the results of the ROI calculator is crucial for identifying areas of underperformance. By analyzing the data, businesses can pinpoint specific deficits and determine their impact on profitability.


Identifying areas of opportunity for improvement is crucial for maximizing profitability. By analyzing the results of the ROI calculator, businesses can identify specific deficits and develop strategies to address them effectively. If you need any help in one or more parts of optimizing your online business, marketing, page, and/or site, contact us at


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